How to cut a 30 degree angle on a miter saw

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Dec 25, 2019 · Cutting 60 Degree Angle-How I Do It! Using a table saw for cutting angles is not actually too daunting or tricky. You just need to understand the entire process well before attempting it. I suggest you read the steps a couple of times. Hopefully that way you won’t miss out on any important point while working.

How does this work. Do I invert and cut the 15 degree... I Its for a corner brace on the inside corners of a row boat. I used my sliding T bevel, to get the looking down angle, for the corner ( left to right or horizontal angle ) but then there is the angle in the walls of the boat. That slight angle that is up to down or vertical angle as the walls of the boat chamfor.. Thankyou

Using a miter saw is woodworking 101, but when you need to cut an angle greater than 45 degrees, things get a little more difficult. Fortunately, learning how to cut a 60-degree angle is as simple as creating a jig and making your cut.

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